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John Deere Fuel Injector Pencil Type For 1039T And 6095D Series Motors

John Deere Fuel Injector Pencil Type For 1039t And 6095d Series Motors

Catalog Number: 4P999

Pencil type for 1039T and 6095D series motors, Stamped Id # 28481.
Part Reference Numbers: RE36935;RE36936;SE500821
Fits Models: 190E INDUST/CONST; 210C INDUST/CONST; 240 SKID STEER LOADER; 240 SKID STEER LOADER SERIES II; 250 SKID STEER LOADER; 290D INDUST/CONST; 2955; 300D INDUST/CONST; 3029D ENG; 3029T ENG; 3100; 310C INDUST/CONST; 310D INDUST/CONST; 3155; 3155TSS; 315C INDUST/CONST; 315D INDUST/CONST; 3200; 3200X; 3209D ENG; 3255; 3430 WINDROWER; 3830 WINDROWER; 400G INDUST/CONST; 4039D ENG; 4039T ENG; 482C LIFT TRUCK; 5103; 5200 INDUST/CONST; 5203; 5300; 5300N; 5303; 5310; 5400; 5400N; 5500; 5500N; 5700; 570B MOTOR GRADER; 6000 HI-CYCLE; 6059D ENG; 6059T ENG; 6068D ENG; 6068T ENG; 6100; 6200; 6210; 6300; 6310; 6500; 6506; 6600 INDUST/CONST; 70D EXCAVATOR

Price:  $57.20

Call to Order: 866-235-1979
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